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  • Accuscore's Bundesliga 2019/2020 Season Re-Preview

    Bundesliga to return on May 16th

    Football just might be back this season, with German Bundesliga on the verge of returning to action on May 16th. Might is used here just because we don’t want to get our hopes up in these uncertain times, but it does look promising and the schedule is set for the rest of the season until 27th of June. We are in for a treat already on the first day of the return, as Dortmund is hosting their arch-rivals Schalke at Westfalenstadion - how will the home team do without their infamous Yellow Wall in the stands?

    Bundesliga season 2019/2020 looked interesting before it all came to a halt and there were several teams emerging to fight for the title, won seven times in a row by Bayern München. At some point, Borussia Mönchengladbach was leading the league, RB Leipzig was pushing for the title and Borussia Dortmund had their fair share of glory on top as well – but at the moment, it is Bayern München leading the pack.

    Except for mid-table Frankfurt and relegation candidates Werder Bremen, who have 10 games to play, most of the teams still get to kick the ball around for nine occasions. Bayern leads by four points with 55, chased by Dortmund at 51, Leipzig at 50 and M’gladbach at 49. Four teams within two wins means it will be an exciting battle for the title, but also the Champions League qualification for the top four. Still in contest is also Bayer Leverkusen, currently fifth with 47 points – the distance to 6th placed Schalke is already 10 points.

    At the bottom, it is miserable Paderborn and Werder Bremen heading back down, with 16 and 18 points respectively. Fortuna Düsseldorf holds the relegation playoff-spot with 22 points, with Mainz four points ahead and Augsburg, Hertha and Frankfurt within six-points striking distance. Düsseldorf’s form was just getting better when the crisis hit, while many of the other candidates were struggling.

    Plenty of football is to be played still and nothing is set in stone in these weird times. Except for probably Bayern winning the Bundesliga title. Accuscore’s season simulations indicate some interesting developments and here’s how it is predicted to go down.

    Click to enlarge to a new tabAccuscore's Bundesliga Season Re-Preview 2019/2020


    Major Changes

    At the top of the table, not much is changing for the rest of the season according to Accuscore simulations. Bayern and Leipzig seem unbeatable, while Dortmund’s tougher schedule drops them to fourth. Borussia Mönchengladbach gains one spot, firmly holding on to their UCL qualification spot. The biggest surprise and fall in the top half comes from Schalke, who are currently holding the sixth spot but drop four places to tenth in the simulations. Schalke has struggled on the road and they do have one more game away than at home, in addition to still facing higher placed Leverkusen and Dortmund. Check the Freiburg continue their successful season and gladly hop in to replace Schalke in the Europa League qualification spot at 7th.

    The bottom feeders seem to stick to their ways and there’s not too much light at the end of the tunnel for Paderborn and Werder Bremen. Fortuna Düsseldorf, one of the biggest relegation candidates early in the season, however manage to pull off a miracle and climb off the relegation zone. They did improve a lot after the winter break, but of course the return-to-action after a longer pause is shrouded with mystery. In order for Düsseldorf to get saved, someone must fall and according to simulations it is Hertha Berlin. Hertha’s schedule is riddled with top tier teams and their destiny seems to be in the relegation playoffs.

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  • Dortmund vs. Schalke Prediction

    Game of the Week For Bundesliga Return

    The Bundesliga returns with a bang this weekend in the form of the Revierderby, the heated rivalry match between Schalke 04 and Borussia Dortmund. Dortmund and Gelsenkirchen (Schalke’s home city) are separated by a mere 25 miles in the soccer-rich Ruhr Valley. Dortmund slightly lead the all time head-to-head standings, with 33 wins to Schalke’s 32 in Bundesliga encounters. The two clubs have tied each other 30 times.

    Last year delivered an absolute classic as Borussia, needing points to move into first place ahead of Bayern with 3 matches remaining in the season, capitulated ingloriously at home. Schalke did the unthinkable and ended up 4-2 winners in their mortal enemy’s own living room. This was undoubtedly the highlight of the Royal Blues’ season as they finished an uncharacteristically woeful 14th in the league. Dortmund fans felt the pain twofold- for the loss of the match, but also their chance at the title- and felt aggrieved at two suspect red cards.   

    This season, Borussia are yet again on Bayern’s heels, sitting in 2nd place with 51 points. Schalke are in 6th place on 37 points, just slightly in the running for a European qualification spot. Accuscore’s simulations have predicted both teams to have some issues to finish off the rest of the season after the long hiatus, but this derby is likely to be a blast nevertheless.

    Our Dortmund Schalke prediction hinges on a few big personalities, and Dortmund’s wonderkids Erling Haaland and Jadon Sancho are the ones we are focusing on most. Two of the world’s brightest young talents, this duo will be expected to have a big impact if Borussia are to resume league play in good form. However, Dortmund will feel the absence of captain Marco Reus and midfield lynchpin Axel Witsel. Both are doubtful due to injury, so veteran center back Mats Hummels must take the initiative to lead an insanely gifted but immature side.

    Schalke manager David Wagner’s first season in charge has had its ups and downs. The Royal  Blues are 13th in the league in goals scored, but a staunch defense has carried them to a respectable place in the table. New loan signing Jean Clair Todibo will be counted on to anchor the back line, but will it prove too much responsibility in his first ever Revierderby? Attacking midfielders Amine Harit and Suat Serdar lead the team in goals, with 7 a piece, but the lack of a reliable striker may prove costly for the team from Gelsenkirchen.  

    Saturday’s match up is sure to be a battle, with both pride and points on the line. It’s the ideal match to re-introduce Bundesliga play and an absolute must-see. To see our full Schalke vs. Dortmund prediction sign up for an AccuScore account today. With an AccuScore account you will be able to to see all of the Bundesliga simulations every week including this week’s Game of the week Dortmund vs. Schalke!

  • Soccer Picks +$35k Profit This Season!

    Written by AccuScore Staff
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    Soccer Profits Sky High

    Since start of the soccer season in Europe Accuscore predictions have been very accurate. By betting every game with over 20% value compared to bookmakers odds, our customers have collected over 21,000 dollars profit with an assumed 100 dollar bet . In practice, this means about 400% ROI as there is usually 4000-5000 invested in the games during the weekends.

    However, it's not just side value bets providing the profit. Total goals have been good way to cash in. With another 100 bucks bet per game, our customers have end up with over 14,000 in pure profit this season.

    This total profit of over $35k is already more than last season, when we recorded a strong posting of 33,500 profit from side value and total bets during the season! If you're not betting soccer using AccuScore, why not?

    Soccer Profits Come from the Mediterranean

    During the last few weeks the best performing league has been Serie A. With side value bets, the total profit assuming 100 dollar bets was +1270 dollars. Bundesliga and Premiership in England were also performing steadily, as those have been doing since start of the season. Profits from Bundesliga were +514 and from EPL +481 with the same bet size as in Serie A. Since the start of the season, our customers that have bet the games over 20% side value in Serie A and EPL have recorded +6571 and +6263 dollars profits, respectively.

    While totals have not been as profitable as side value bets, mainly due to poor accuracy in Liga MX total goal predictions, there have been bright spots in Over/Under betting. Our customers who bet total markets in English Championship games received over 400 profit during last few weeks from those games. Ligue 1 in France has been another profitable league to bet totals in recent games.

    As the weekend is full of soccer action around the world, Here are some major trends to keep in mind - Assumes 100 USD bet size:

    Since start of the season:
    Side value over 20%: +21231
    Totals: +14121

    From 12th February to 8th of March
    -Side value over 20%: +1155
    -Totals: -301

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  • Top Betting Trends: NHL & Soccer

    Written by AccuScore Staff
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    Top Trends: NHL and Soccer Start 2018 Strong

    The NHL regular season has just crossed mid-season mark, and Accuscore's betting results have continued steadily returning profits when betting on game winners via money line and Side value bets. When betting every single game for 100 dollars, you would have pocketed over 1700 from side value bets and just about the same amount from money line bets since start of the 2017-18 season.

    LA Kings and the Columbus Blue Jackets home games have been the most profitable ones when finding side value. Both have recorder over 800 profit out of 22 and 23 games respectively. In money line betting best teams have been the Winnipeg Jets home games and St. Louis Blues on the road. By betting all these games you have ended up over 2000 profit since start of the season.

    One team that has been profitable cross all betting markets: Side value, money line and totals, is the Buffalo Sabres. Accuscore projected that the Sabres have inflated value in the betting lines this year, and that has been the case thus far this season.

    If you are interested in ice hockey as a key betting sport, you must take a closer look at Finnish ice hockey league, too - Liiga. Since start of the season, betting totals have been one of the most profitable market across all sports and leagues. By betting 100 dollars to every 500+ games, you have collected over 8200 profit from these bets. And as there are only maximum 8 games per day, you don’t need break your bank to start winning.

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    Hot Soccer Trends
    Some of the soccer leagues took a break during the holidays, but there were still plenty of good games to bet. Since the start of the major soccer leagues in August, Accuscore predictions have brought more than generous return for our subscribers. By betting standard 100 dollars for every side value bet over 20% and every single totals bet from the Premier League, Championship, LaLiga, SerieA, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Liga MX, MLS + UK League 1 and 2 (From November onward), you would have collected hefty profit of 24,800 dollars!

    If you think that you would need tens of thousands bankroll to execute this, that is not needed. Actually due to steady upward results and games split into multiple days, you could start profitable soccer betting with few thousand and watch the wallet bulk up.

    When looking at league level, LaLiga and SerieA have generated over 6000 profit each by totals and 20%+ side value bets. EPL has performed better when betting each and every side value bet. That has resulted so far profit of +5280. Since our last Trends update a couple weeks ago, all these leagues have generated profit. EPL over 200, but SerieA and LaLiga around 800 each.

    It is interesting to see that betting totals in all leagues have been profitable week after week. There is only one two week period when this market was not on profit since start of the 2016-2017 season. During this season it has been profitable between every period we have monitored it.

    All EPL picks: Premier League Picks
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    Betting totals looks like good way of making steady money in some ice hockey leagues, soccer, NBA as well as NFL, where Accuscore predictions have brought 1680 dollars profit with one hundred dollars bets in every game during this season

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