MUST READ: AccuScore's NFL Picks Record

AccuScore's NFL Picks Track Record

AccuScore is simply the best source of NFL picks and these are the 4 reasons why we think you will agree:

1 - Profitable Picks: Spreads and Totals

Last 2 Seasons
• All Picks vs the Spread: 282-215-40, 56.7% +4550
• All Totals Picks: 276-228-30, 54.7% +2520
• All Spread and Total Picks: +7070 PROFIT

AccuScore dominates NFL picks. There isn't too much more to it than that.

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2. Proven Consistency
AccuScore started out by competing in ESPN's expert picks competition and beat out the experts to claim three ESPN Expert Picks titles, beating out their experts and talent on straight pick'ems until we stopped participating around 2012 and 2013. But we didn't stop making picks. In the six seasons from 2012 to 2017, AccuScore's NFL moneyline picks are +6,113 profit. Likewise, AccuScore's Side Value picks, which is making moneyline picks based on AccuScore's odds analysis, are +6,221 over the past six years, along with being +1465 the last three seasons.

• Moneyline Picks + Side Value Picks - Last 6 Seasons: +12,334

AccuScore's latest predictions: NFL Expert Picks

3. Value – No Comparison
AccuScore is currently offering its best rate ever -- $349 for a full 12 months. If this were $349 for just NFL, we would be charging 50 to 70% less than competitors. But we include over 20 leagues in this $349 – NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, College Basketball, NHL, Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and more.

When you add it up, you're not even paying 1 Cent per pick, and you're getting AccuScore’s recommendation, our betting accuracy on similar picks and our star rating for that pick.

Competitors (even the ones losing tons of money) charge upwards of $50 for a single pick. Their “value” package will be $600 to $2000 for the full NFL Season. Unless you are betting $250+ per pick and were lucky enough to choose one of the few profitable ‘Cappers, you would never make a real profit once you factor for the high cost of the pick itself.

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4. Not Shady
What about Free Guaranteed Picks?

Sorry to break it to you, but 99% of “Free Guarantees” are worthless. AccuScore gives you a Free Week Preview if you sign up with the Monthly membership and are new to the site. If you're not new, you're already winning. Note that the monthly rate is double our Annual rate, and we don't offer a free trial on the annual rate because it's already too damn good of a deal. However, we do understand that our system is unique and does take people a few days before they get familiar with how to best use it for themselves. We don’t guarantee our performance during this week. We do not apologize for down weeks because that comes with the business. We give you tough love because our picks have always come through: Spreads, Totals, Moneyline and Side Value.

The ‘Cappers offering Free Guarantees are doing one or both of these shady practices:

Play Both Sides – they give half their customers one pick (ex. Cowboys +4.5) and give the other half the other side (ex. Jets -4.5). Either way 50% of these people will think they’re awesome for giving away free picks and then choose to plunk down real money.

Take Money from the Enemy – Every site with a Sportsbook ad takes money on a bounty or a commission basis. Sportsbooks are not stupid. If the site they advertised with consistently delivered profits to subscribers, they would not advertise on their site. Many ‘Cappers get a 25 to 40% cut of your losses. So by giving Free picks or Paid picks that are bad the ‘Capper can make more money off of your losses than they did selling you or giving you a pick.

AccuScore does not play both sides. Our Star Rated picks give you our pick against a static line. Our Expert Picks page provides Live update if the line moves. We also do not take sportsbook advertising, and we've never put a single link to a sportsbook on our site in a decade. Even if we wanted to, they don’t want to advertise with us because our clients actually turn consistent profits.

There’s a reason why ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and the Wall Street Journal and Turner Sports have paid us for our information and the sportsbooks avoid us like the plague.

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